Play Bad Pinball version 1.0 on Google Play Now

Bad Pinball is the only one button pinball game on the market.Icon_512

Experience the worst pinball game for yourself on Android, from Google Play.

Inspired by Sad Paddle.

Flippy Uncle version 0.2 now available on Google Play,, and Game Jolt

Flippy Uncle has been updated with Google Play Games achievements, bug fixes, and redesigned levels. Download the Android version from Google Play, or play online at or Game Jolt.Feature.

Flippy Uncle version 0.1 for Android released on Google Play

Uncle Flippy isFlippy Uncle - Flippy - Main Camera - 2015-10-29 01-28-19 - 800x1280x1 flipping out! Can you help him flip past the hazards of his post-modern existence?

Flip like you’ve never flipped before in this new mobile game.

Choose different cute avatars with different physics.

Compete in three cups of increasing difficulty for scores.

Collect colorful boxes!

Three difficulty levels.

Uncle Scotty’s Arcade and Council of the Gods now on Amazon

The retro mini game collection Uncle Scotty’s Arcade at the End of the Universe, and the entertainment magic 8-ball style app Council of the Gods are now both available on the Amazon app store.

Council of the Gods on Amazon

Uncle Scotty’s Arcade on Amazon

Super Kitten Spacey Cat updated to version 0.7

Super Kitten Space Cat has been updated to Beta version 0.7 on Google Play, and is also now available on Amazon.

Updates in the new versions include:

-Particle effects when picking up gems or hitting wizard bombs

-Google Play achievements button

-Path now has a texture for better sense of speed

-Path colors cycle faster

-Chartboost MoreApps button

Super Kitten Spacey Cat updated to v0.6

Super Kitten Spacey Cat has been updated to version 0.6.

Whats new:

-Added fireworks at end of race
-Added share screenshot button
-Added colors to lap and race times text
-Added a new level
-Gems and bombs now affect side-to-side speed
-Fixed rotating camera
-Fixed credit text position
 Super Kitten - Level4 - Main Camera - 2015-10-07 09-00-00 - 1280x800x1

Super Kitten Spacey Cat Version 0.5 now on Google Play for Android

Super Kitten Spacey Cat

Super Kitten Spacey Cat

After a long hiatus, Anachronic Designs is back with the open alpha Android release of its latest game prototype on Google Play:

Super Kitten Spacey Cat

Race on rainbow roads in space, collect gems, and unlock new capes!


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