Uncle Scotty’s AATEOTU now available for Android on Google Play

Uncle Scotty’s Arcade At The End Of The Universe (AATEOTU… acrynomized due to Google’s 30 character title limit) is now available for Android on Google Play.

Play Gifts Galore!, my Ludum Dare #31 entry, along with three other mini games: Gravity Tubing, Forever Flappy, and Galactic Invaders.

Each game features aggravatingly difficult gameplay mechanics, Google Play leaderboards, 8-bit retro style, music, sound effects, and more! The collection is currently in Open Alpha, version 0.1, so expect a few bugs along the way as things get quirky out in deep space!

Future updates will include new games, new features, and annoying monetization schemes! Muahahahahahaha! Happy Holidays :)

Uncle Scotty's AATEOTU

Uncle Scotty’s AATEOTU

Celebrating AATEOTU’s First 1-Star Review

Hooray! Uncle’s Scotty’s latest game, The Arcade At The End Of The Universe, has received its first 1-star review. This is a major milestone in the game’s development, and amazingly is the fastest I have ever received a 1-star review in my just under two years of indie development. Congratulations are therefore surely in order.

Any indie dev knows, without a doubt, that you can’t stop the haters. 1-star reviews have consequently become a clear symbol of success, because they represent the jealousy and consternation of bottom-dwelling basement-feeders who are directing their teenagey-angsty-rage about other issues (possibly parental abandonment, bullying, or poor facial complexion) towards unwitting game makers who are only trying to provide a free, or at least reasonably-priced, form of entertainment. Getting 1-star reviews means that an indie dev has achieved the level of visibility needed to attract the attention of haters, which in-and-of itself is quite the accomplishment. Unfortunately, this classic case of psychological projection on a massive social scale has profound implications for the marketability, and consequently profitability, of indie game projects.

Luckily for me, like my other projects, AATEOTU is a one person side-project developed in my free time in the evenings while working a day job as a writer/editor and visiting my pregnant wife on bedrest in the hospital. If AATEOTU fails to gain critical acclaim, or make any profit whatsoever, I’ve only lost countless hours of my time and possibly some small-to-moderate expenses for marketing. My unborn child will still be fed, and my family will not become homeless as a result of one (or two, or a million) callous clicks of a mouse button. Unlike with a major development studio, nobody will lose their jobs and livelihood because my games get a crummy rating Game Jolt, Google Play, the Apple app store, or anywhere else. The stakes are much lower for me, and while I may grow sour and surly for a few hours after receiving a 1-star review, at least no lives are ruined because of it.

The ease with which some lizardly figures choose to rate a clearly awesome game 1-star confounds me (I mean really, did you even play Gravity Tubing? C’mon…), yet helps me understand why so many developers (indies included) choose to pay for 5-star ratings for their app. For the mere price of a burger and beer, a developer can bury a 1-star review of a free app with 10 or more glowing 5-star reviews from hard-working marketers who, like myself, are only trying to make a bit of cash on the side and have some fun while doing it. Great Cthulhu bless the modern digital market economy!

So for now, let it be known that a smile will cross my lips each and every time I get a shiny new badge of honour in the form of a 1-star review. For each new example of hate I get, I know that I am only getting it because I am getting to you, you lowly hater. And that is what makes this all worthwhile :)

Thumbs Down For Haters



Uncle Scotty’s Arcade At The End Of The Universe alpha now playable on Game Jolt!

Galactic Invaders

Galactic Invaders

Forever Flappy

Forever Flappy

Gravity Tubing

Gravity Tubing

The initial alpha release of my latest project,The Arcade At The End Of The Universe (AATEOTU) is now playable on Game Jolt. AATEOTU currently includes three games: Galactic Invaders, Forever Flappy, and Gravity Tubing.

Galactic Invaders is an infinite arcade challenge inspired by the classics Space Invaders. Avoid asteroids and bombs, shoot aliens, and pick up powerups to get the highest score possible!

Forever Flappy is a Flappy Bird clone with a twist! Time your flaps to pick up other birds and increase the size of your flock. The bigger your flock, the higher your combo multiplier and high score.

Gravity Tubing is a race in space, partially inspired by the Atari classic Toobin’. Guide the interstellar traveler down the plasma river as it winds its way past all the planets in our solar system. Careful though! Every planet has a gravitational pull that could send you careening off into deep space!

AATEOTU will be released soon to the Google Play and App Store markets on Android and iOs, but follow the link to play the alpha version now on Game Jolt.

Play Too Many Fans on Game Jolt – Free Game Submission to the Indies vs. PewDiePie Competition

Bro Fist

Too Many Fans

Too Many Fans is an 8-bit arcade game with a healthy does of retro style and humor. Made with Unity in under 72 hours, it is my submission to the Indies vs. PewDiePie game development competition. Please take a few second to play and rate it online at Game Jolt.

Stay tuned for news about my next free game project coming soon to Android and iOs: Uncle Scotty’s Arcade At The End Of The Universe


Rogue Story: Phase 1 free PC shareware game submitted to 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest; DRM-free download available


Rogue Story is a top-down PC action puzzle game with a visual style inspired by old-school pcrpgs. It was developed in 30 days for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest hosted by RPG Maker and Humble Bundle.

Help Rogue navigate treacherous caves, swamps, and a grand castle filled will blood-thirsty critters that attack on sight! If you like Rogue Story, please share it with your friends. The competition (shareware) version is free to play and distribute. A DRM-free version is available for download from the contest website.

The Village at the End of the Universe

The Village at the End of the Universe

Rogue Story has many features:

-10 action-packed levels

-Fights rats, snakes, and even terrifying gators, plus more!

-Aggravating boss battle

-Unlockable Hardcore Mode and multiple difficulty levels

-Support for gamepads and keyboard

-Multiple speed and camera options

-Unique neon graphical style with original 8-bit tileset

-Music and sound effects

Anachron’s Top 5 Casual Game Awards for Android

One of the virtues of being a game developer is that it gives you a lot of excuses to try new games. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but sometimes it’s really good! These are my top five casual games I have played so far on Android:

1. Paperama by FDG Entertainmentrainbow_medal_128

Could it be, an amazing game that is both entertaining as well as educational? It is. Paperama is one of those incredibly rare gems of games that feels like it is teaching you something clever while playing it. Impress your friends with your mad newly-found paper-folding skills. Do it now!!!

2. Smash Hit by Mediocre

Smash Hit indeed. Mediocre proves again the irony of their name, and that they are really masters of crafting compelling casual Android gaming experiences. A must play audio-visual extravaganza with the most satisfying flying metal ball/glass-shattering interface so far devised.

3. Bouncy Ball 2.5D by Raon Games

There are a lot of poor ball games on the market, but Bouncy Ball 2.5D flies miles above the rest with its clever and unique perspective-switching gameplay mechanism, a huge amount of levels, and extremely intuitive tap controls. Simple colourful graphics disguise a deep, rewarding, and completely free game that combines puzzle and actions elements in a fun formula for all ages.

4. Boson X by Ian Maclarty

Like an unofficial tribute to Terry Cavanagh’s super Hexagon, Boson X combines a simple and intuitive control mechansim with fast-paced running and jumping action on a quantum scale. Crisp fresh low-poly graphics and excellent music and sound effects complete the package. Highly recommended.

5. Color Zen by Large Animal Games

Bright, bold, and beautiful describes Color Zen, an artistic puzzler with a simple color-matching mechanic that tasks players with choosing different colored shapes in the correct order to eliminate all graphics in a level. Level packs with different themes, like Seasons and Serenity, are available at a small cost, but there are many levels that players can play free.

Honorouble Mentions:

Astra Slash by Medha Edutainment

Satisfyingly slashy, Astra Slash is an even lighter experience than similar games like Fruit Ninja yet somehow more compelling with just a single Heyzap leaderboard. Super simple yet fiendishly difficult gameplay and a unique narrative provide all the necessary ingredients for a quick engaging session.

Crazy Wizard by Opal Gameplay

Avoid the terrifying monsters, escape to the exit, and collect the bonus if you can in this action-evade thrill-ride. Although there is an annoying delay unless you make a small in-app purchase, and making the purchase can result in a game the constantly crashes, there are still many levels that players can enjoy risk-free. Undeniably great casual game, with an unfortunate hiccup in monetization.

Stay tuned for more top game lists and play suggestions from Anachronic Designs :)

Anachron’s Arcade now available on Google Play!

Anachron’s Arcade is now available on Google Play! Please enjoy this free casual mini game collection.


Play Today!!!

Play Dodge, Maze, or Spike and test your skills against others around the world using Google Leaderboards.

Find the Rainbow Kitten. Save the penguin from the spikes!!!

Save the Anachroniads from extinction!!!!


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