Coming soon for Android: Anachron’s Arcade!

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Coming soon for Android!

Anachron’s Arcade , a collection of high score mini games, is coming soon for Android. Featuring Google Leaderboards!

Free Fireworks Live Wallpaper now available on Google Play

Free Fireworks LWP

Now available on Google Play!

Version 0.1 of Free Fireworks Live Wallpaper has been released to the Google Play app store.

Check out these Blue Rain, Pink Party, Simple Sunset, Emerald Burst, and Rainbow Rocket fireworks particle effects!

Made with the Fireworks Collection by Unluck Software and Uni2Lwp by Mirage assets for Unity.

Leaves Falling Free and Animated Gradient LWP: Two Free Live Wallpapers on Google Play

Animated Gradient Live Wallpaper lets you choose from horizontal, vertical, or diagonal scrolling gradients and multiple color themes! Created with the Gradient Shader Pack asset by Venus12.

Leaves Falling Free LWP is a live wallpaper of falling autumn maple leaves to celebrate the changing of the season. Created with the Leaves Particle System from Unluck Software.

Please enjoy these free live wallpapers! New settings and features coming soon.

Promo picturePromo picture

New Versions of Sad Paddle :( and Twerp available on the Google Play store

Pong-inspired game Sad Paddle and competitive spelling game Twerp! have been updated on the Google Play store. Updates include bug fixes and optimizations.

Twerp! A Spelling Word Game released for Android on Google Play

Feature Graphic

Fun multiplayer spelling competition!

Twerp! A Spelling Word Game is a competitive multiplayer spelling app, for two to four players on the same tablet, produced by Vancouver-based mobile software developer Anachronic Designs (AD). The game challenges players to choose the correct spelling of obscure and difficult words, such as ‘flabbergasted’ and ‘curmudgeon’ as fast as possible. Players with the most correct answers earn the highest points and win the game!

Twerp! is a fun way for teenagers and adults to build their vocabulary and improve their ability to spell. It offers a fast-paced, addictive, original, and unique spelling competition. A free version is available with support for two players, while a $1.99 version offers up to three or four player support with five times as many obscure words. Twerp! works on Android devices and is available from the Google Play market. A version for iPhones and iPads will be available soon!

Got time for that? – Ludum Dare #27 Game Jam Submission

Title Screen

Includes three mini-games: ’10 Second Solutions’ – ’10 Second Button Masher’ -
10 Seconds to Score’

Got time for that? is a collection of 3 mini-games produced for the Ludum Dare #27 72-hour game jam. The theme for this jam was ’10 seconds’.

The first is ’10 Seconds Solutions’ which requires solving increasingly difficult math equations to reset a 10 second countdown that must be reset for the simple sake of resetting.

The second is a button mashing game called ’10 Second Button Masher’ that tests players speed and dexterity!

The third, ’10 Seconds to Score’ is a micro-text adventure in which you relive your last ten seconds over and over in an attempt to score (more points).

Play it online, or check out the Ludum Dare game page for downloads.

Sad Paddle Version 1.2 released for Android on Google Play

Sad Paddle Version 1.2 was released for Android on Google Play today. Fixed the display to work on a wider variety of device resolutions and aspect ratios. Removed the internet permission in the free version, which was left in accidentally due to an adMob plugin that was not used in the final version. Both versions of Sad Paddle should now require no permissions on Android.


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