Got time for that? – Ludum Dare #27 Game Jam Submission

Title Screen
Includes three mini-games: ’10 Second Solutions’ – ’10 Second Button Masher’ –
10 Seconds to Score’

Got time for that? is a collection of 3 mini-games produced for the Ludum Dare #27 72-hour game jam. The theme for this jam was ’10 seconds’.

The first is ’10 Seconds Solutions’ which requires solving increasingly difficult math equations to reset a 10 second countdown that must be reset for the simple sake of resetting.

The second is a button mashing game called ’10 Second Button Masher’ that tests players speed and dexterity!

The third, ’10 Seconds to Score’ is a micro-text adventure in which you relive your last ten seconds over and over in an attempt to score (more points).

Play it online, or check out the Ludum Dare game page for downloads.