Twerp! A Spelling Word Game released for Android on Google Play

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Fun multiplayer spelling competition!

Twerp! A Spelling Word Game is a competitive multiplayer spelling app, for two to four players on the same tablet, produced by Vancouver-based mobile software developer Anachronic Designs (AD). The game challenges players to choose the correct spelling of obscure and difficult words, such as ‘flabbergasted’ and ‘curmudgeon’ as fast as possible. Players with the most correct answers earn the highest points and win the game!

Twerp! is a fun way for teenagers and adults to build their vocabulary and improve their ability to spell. It offers a fast-paced, addictive, original, and unique spelling competition. A free version is available with support for two players, while a $1.99 version offers up to three or four player support with five times as many obscure words. Twerp! works on Android devices and is available from the Google Play market. A version for iPhones and iPads will be available soon!