Rogue Story: Phase 1 free PC shareware game submitted to 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest; DRM-free download available


Rogue Story is a top-down PC action puzzle game with a visual style inspired by old-school pcrpgs. It was developed in 30 days for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest hosted by RPG Maker and Humble Bundle.

Help Rogue navigate treacherous caves, swamps, and a grand castle filled will blood-thirsty critters that attack on sight! If you like Rogue Story, please share it with your friends. The competition (shareware) version is free to play and distribute. A DRM-free version is available for download from the contest website.

The Village at the End of the Universe
The Village at the End of the Universe

Rogue Story has many features:

-10 action-packed levels

-Fights rats, snakes, and even terrifying gators, plus more!

-Aggravating boss battle

-Unlockable Hardcore Mode and multiple difficulty levels

-Support for gamepads and keyboard

-Multiple speed and camera options

-Unique neon graphical style with original 8-bit tileset

-Music and sound effects