Rogue Story resurrected, or the Joy of Progress

Rogue Story, a game I made for the 2014 Indie Game Maker competition, is a project I had pretty much abandoned. Made in a old version of Unity, and relying on many deprecated assets, the task of bringing Rogue Story up to speed was daunting. Many dozens of errors, hundreds of warnings… all compounded by being a game from my early days as an indie dev and much less experience coder. Until recently, I had simply been unable to rise up to the challenge of bringing Rogue Story back to life.

To be sure, Rogue Story (although now playable) is still in a disastrous state. Deprecated control code was cut out and replaced with Unity’s native on-screen mobile controls. The controls work ok, but need some serious tweaking to get the feel right, and they are awful for making gifs… Control code is also currently coupled with the screen resolution (really? argh) so moves too fast at high res and too slow at low res. The game is unoptimized and performs poorly despite the low fi graphics. Levels 8-10 are basically unplayable now, because something has broken the sprite batching.

Getting Rogue Story to build and run with Unity 5 has been a minor victory and a strong motivator, and I hope to re-release this game in the future. A gig teaching game development will likely keep this blog dark for at least a month, but keep an eye out for future updates if you are curious about this arcade – puzzle game inspired by the aesthetic of old PC RPGs.