Moving on with Charming App and Charming Ape

2019 has been a long year, that started with getting laid off in a third-round of downsizing, followed by a breakup of my marriage, eventually moving into a new home for me and my son, and learning how to cope with the new demands of co-parenting.

Despite all that, I’m proud to say that I’ve made significant progress on the development and production of a new app, based on the prototype mentioned in the previous post from last year. I’m also proud to say that my latest app has found a regular place in my parenting toolkit, and that it has led to a variety of constructive conversations and behavioral outcomes with my 4-year old son. He’s my cutest tester, and possibly the most brutally honest one too.

With a new product and new development company (Charming Ape), does that mean this is the end for Anachronic Designs? Definitely not, as many of the games and other apps featured on this blog are still available on Google Play and I have no intention of taking them down in the near future. The reality of prolific development is though, the more apps you have the harder it is to maintain them and update them as new platform requirements roll along. Some of my apps have disappeared from storefronts as I’ve lacked the resources to keep them updated, and I expect more will disappear in coming months and years. My focus for much of the last year has been on the production aspects of Charming App; doing the behind-the-scenes work required to have a commercially viable product that looks and feels good.

That continues to be my focus in the waning hours of 2019 and into 2020, as I am currently wrapping up a Udacity Digital Marketing nanodegree and have started A/B testing for new user acquisition campaigns. Despite how much work I’ve put into it, I know Charming App is still starting out small and completely unknown and there is a lot of work still to be done. I’m convinced though, that it has a lot of value as a self-improvement and parenting tool, despite it’s somewhat awkward origins. While the aesthetic may not be for everyone, I honestly believe that Charming App has much more capability to do good in this world and to provide a greater benefit to more people than any of my other projects, which is why I am continuing to try and build momentum with it instead of shifting my focus to other projects.

For better or worse, whether it leads to ruin or the change I am hoping for, I will continue to pour myself into Charming App because for me, the world has become a better place because of it, and I know this app can have a similar effect on others who use it.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Charming App by Charming Ape - Mobile mindfulness for Android now on Google Play
Charming App for Android – Mobile mindfulness now on Google Play