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About Flippy Uncle:

Flippy Uncle is the most fun, unique, and addictive mobile game of the year 2016.

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Support: flippyuncle@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flippyuncle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flippyuncle

Enjoy cheerful original music and bright pixel art graphics as you flip your way to victory in this easy to learn, but difficult to master, mobile arcade game.

Compete with your friends for high scores in three cups that offer an increasing challenge. Share your experience and accomplishments with others through Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements.

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Play as Flippy Uncle, and unlock new cups, and new characters as you flip past obstacles such as pipes, water, and fire to collect the shiny rainbow gems. Each character has unique physics that offer a different gameplay experience, and provides different advantages.

In the latest update version 1.4, you can now play as your favorite YouTube Let’s Play celebrities: PewDiePie, Annoying Orange, and Jack Septic Eye.

Share #FlippyUncle on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, or LinkedIn to receive bonus gems 🙂

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Game Instructions:
-Tap anywhere to make your character flip.
-The direction and speed of flip depends on location of tap.
-Avoid obstacles and collect rainbow gems.
-Levels get faster and more difficult the longer you play.

Flippy Uncle - Flippy2 - MainCamera - 2016-05-14 10-32-05 - 320x480x1

Main Menu Instructions:
-Tap a cup (Green, Blue, or Red) to play.
-Choose to play in practice mode for easier gameplay.
-Switch characters with button in lower left corner.
-Your number of gems is displayed in lower right.
-View leaderboards with upper left button.
-View achievements with upper right button.

Flippy Uncle was made by independent developer Anachronic Designs for the Ludum Dare Dare October Challenge.