Anachronic Games is partnering with other indie game developers who are working on interesting and unique projects. Please check out our affiliates and their great work.

Voyager Games


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Voyager Games is a small company based out of Pennsylvania developing Outer Colony, an upcoming world simulation game. Outer Colony focuses on human behavior modeling, artificial intelligence (AI), and hard, number-driven simulation. Voyager aims to genuinely innovate and build software like nothing that’s been done before. They are using experience in defense and research to bring next generation technologies to the world of gaming! Outer Colony is an open-ended strategy game designed to push the boundaries of simulation and AI to the next level.

Pyroflame Games

pyroflame-logo-small-transWebsite | Twitter

Pyroflame Games is an indie game development studio gone pre-owned video game business. They specialize in supplying in-demand retro and current-generation console games at affordable prices. The owner started making games at 10 years old using Adobe Flash, and received his first sponsorship at age 13. Creator of such popular hits such as Crumbled 2, ElectroMagnetic, and Traffic Blitz, his free online games have received 5 million plays worldwide. His passion for gaming started at 6 years old with the NES and SNES, which led him to create his own and start selling games. He is now focused on three key goals for Pyroflame Games: offering a wide selection, acquiring rare items for resale, and 100% customer satisfaction..

Enckling Games

tjs2vki1-png-largeWebsite | Twitter |Vimeo | Twitch

Enckling is a game development company located in Northeast Ohio. Our current project is “Pilgrimage Of Embers”, a 2D dark fantasy action RPG.



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Radiobush is a small independent company based in Tasmania Australia that develops mobile games that are easy to play but hard to master! Come and play Candy Wizard and Flower Around, hope they make you smile 🙂

Rombosaur Studios


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Rombosaur studios is an indie game developer firm founded in mid 2015 with the launch of Mission Massive Migration, a charming metroidvania for Android that was later ported to PC. You can check out our blog and twitter accounts for keeping up with Rombosaur news!

IndieView Podcast


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Join your host @Cajun_coding as he chats with special guests and members of the indie game community about games and game development, jams, life, the universe and everything.