Uncle Scotty’s Arcade

Uncle Scotty's Arcade At The End Of The Universe
Get it free on Google Play!

Get it free on Google Play

Uncle Scotty’s Arcade At The End Of The Universe (AATEOTU) is a free retro game collection.

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AATEOTU is currently in open alpha and includes four single-player games, with more games and features planned for the near future:

Gifts Galore!Gifts Galore! is a fun Christmas game, originally made for the Ludum Dare Game Jam. Swipe to collect gifts, but don’t hit the coal or let any gifts fall to the bottom of the screen.



Galactic InvadersGalactic Invaders asks you to defend against an endless threat of invaders from space. Dodge asteroids and bombs, while using power-ups to gain an advantage and survive as long as possible.




Forever FlappyForever Flappy requires you to fly through pipes faster and faster, while collecting other birds to increase you flock size and score multiplier.




Gravity TubingGravity Tubing is a race with ten levels. Help the space tuber paddle along a course that weaves around all the planets in the solar system.





Collect coins in every game to unlock new nuggets of wisdom from Uncle Scotty.

Made with Unity 4.5

Special thanks to asset developers:
Incontrol by Gallant Games
PoolManager by Path-o-Logical Games LLC
HOTween and DOTween by Daniele Giardini
8 Bit Retro Rampage by Red Button Audio
Free Game Music by Vertex Studio
Christmas Music Pack 2014 by John Leonard French
Curvy by Fluffy Underware
Solar System by Adam Belecki
Press Start 2P Font by Codeman38